Irresistible Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Co-op.    £6.65 (37.5cl)

Sherry has made a welcome revival in recent years, championed by the ever-growing number of tapas and sherry bars around. But whilst the drier styles are thriving, sweet sherry is still, far too frequently,  loitering on the shelves. For the ultimate in luscious treats, indulge in this decadently sumptuous nectar. Pedro Ximemez is the grape, grown on the white chalk soils of Jerez, in Andalucia. Dark molasses sugar in colour, and unctuous in texture, it’s a heady, sweet, velvety smooth, toffee and burnt caramel delight, produced by Emilio Lustau, one of the greatest of sherry producers. Chill, then simply pour over vanilla ice cream for an indulgent treat, or sip and savour this dark amber gold beauty on its own.

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