E.H.Booth & Co. White Burgundy 2021

E.H Booth        £12.50  

If you live south of Knutsford, chances are you may not have discovered, this delightful, family-owned northern retailer. Don’t worry, the wines are available online and worth exploring, this one in particular. For white Burgundy lovers ( of which I am one), this is an affordable, yet classic treat for the weekend; elegant, and smooth, with wafts of baked apples, and a silky creamy texture, lingering on the finish. A white to make you smile with your Sunday herb-roast chicken!  But also delicious with poached or roast salmon ( even better with a dollop of hollandaise), or go totally indulgent with baked camembert for Autumn comfort!

For those of you lucky to live near a Booths, skip down there today.

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