The Best Falanghina 2021

Morrisons   £ 7.50, down to £6.50 until 7th March 2023

One of the best bargains on the supermarket shelves. Great value at its normal price of £7.50, but at just £6.50 until 7th March, it has to be the best deal of the week.

Falanghina is the grape; it’s from Campania, in south west Italy, just south of Naples. Stunning and evocative of sunshine, sun-kissed fruit and summer markets; ripe, exotic and smooth, flavours of nectarine, aromatic and delicious, with bright, aromatic citrus twist, totally delicious. Works with rich fish and chicken dishes, salmon hollandaise, creamy seafood linguine, chicken pie. I tried it with simply seared chicken escalopes in lemon, butter and rosemary.

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