The Best Pinot Noir, Chile

Aconcagua, Single Vineyard

Morrisons.    £10.00

The Aconcagua mountain is the highest in the range of the Andes, bisecting Chile and Argentina.  This juicy red is Chilean and produced from a single vineyard, Roca Fuerte, which enjoys the cooler climate of high altitude, and the cold breezes drifting in from the Pacific, hence fresher style wines. if you prefer lighter, more delicate reds, grab this one; super fragrant, with wafts of sweet strawberries, and scented raspberries, summer pudding in a glass! Delicate, light, but bursting with ripe fruit, sweet and silky; it’s a perfect red for powerful flavours of asian, and middle eastern food. Chinese duck, lamb curries, or harissa and smoked paprika chicken.  With the current weather, it’s hard to image Summer, but when it does arrive, stick this in the fridge, and enjoy its cool refreshment with salads, charcuterie and spiced BBQ meats.

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