‘Found’ Feteasca Regala

 £8.00, Marks & Spencer

M&S have one of the best value ranges of lesser known wines on the market, and I haven’t tasted one I haven’t liked yet. All under £10, and championing countries and grape varieties previously unheard of or misunderstood.

The Feteasca Regala is elegant and delicate, an aromatic, local grape variety that means ‘Royal Maiden’, and is truly a Romanian beauty.  It’s produced at one of the oldest and most historic wineries in the country, Cramele Recas, recently revived and championed.

It’s delightful, indulgent, soft, yet citrussy bright. Rounded with smooth peachy texture, wafts of honey, nectarines and honeysuckle on the nose, very fragrant, with gentle, soft stone fruit flavours and a lovely delicate lemon lift on the finish.

I use it frequently to match to aromatic, or slightly spiced dishes, and it recently worked brilliantly with a feast of Persian food.

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